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Nepali film Boksi to be screened in Sydney after Canberra

2015-08-17, RSS

Nepalese film Boksi has been screened in Canberra National Film and Sound Archive Hall on Friday. The organisers have said that this is the first Nepali film to be screened in Australian Government Theatre. Nepalese and Australians alike watched the movie on Friday. The Nepalese Ambassador to Australia Rudra Kumar Nepal spoke a few words of encouragement before the premiere. Directed by Gopal Chandra Lamichane, the film is based on witchcraft. The premiere was organised by Pradip Timilsina, who has claimed shall in the future encourage Nepalese movies with a difference. Movie journalist Rajan Ghimire has said the movie shall be screened in Sydney as well. The movie has been produced by Shakti Ballav Ghoraseni.  


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