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Sydney Trains chaos Day 2: Commuters suffer amidst lack of drivers and bad weather

Sydney Trains chaos Day 2: Commuters suffer amidst lack of drivers and bad weather

2018-01-09, NV

Sydney Trains passengers are not happy! Social media is abuzz with stories of how their commute was delayed, how someone missed their flights, and how someone is late for work. The hot and the bad weather only adds to the woes of the commuters and Sydney Trains.

Lack of staff, and damage to rail infrastructure caused by lightning strikes the previous night, has caused major delays on multiple rail lines on Tuesday. At least 18 services had to be cancelled due to insufficient numbers of drivers/guards.

Sydney Trains said today between 65 and 70 train drivers were off due to illness, but the Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Locomotive Division has slammed the explanation as a "cover up".

"One minute, Sydney Trains management said that the cancellations were due to an excessive amount of approved leave, then it was track work, then they changed their minds and decided to blame workers taking sick leave, and on Twitter, they've even blamed 'reduced customer demand' and the weather," the union said in a statement.

It is also being said that Sydney Trains management enforced the new timetable without proper planning; with the union claiming ‘it was rushed’. Many are asking Sydney Trains to switch back to the old timetable.

Amidst all this, the major sufferers were the commuters – they had to face extreme, almost indefinite delays, platforms are unsafely overcrowded, passengers from Wynyard and Town Hall are being requested to board from other stations, all in all a chaos.

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