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Life sentence for Nepali man in UAE for murder

Life sentence for Nepali man in UAE for murder

2018-01-30, Photo: Deceased Lapsang Tamang of Sindhupalchok

Bule Tamang (31) of Sindhupalchowk has received a life sentence for the murder of a young Nepali woman in UAE. Tamang who is currently jailed at the Al Aweer Central Jail has been given 15 days to file a review petition.

Bule and Lapsang Tamang, the woman he allegedly killed hail from the same village and used to work as domestic help in the UAE. However, he in his court statement has said that he did not intend to kill her. According to police reports, Lapsang and Bule were at their sponsor's residence when they got involved in a brawl. He in rage pushed her against a wall resulting in her death. 

The court has also advised authorities to deport Bule after he completes his sentence. 


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