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Oli adds ministers while people die of cold

At a time when nearly a million earthquake-affected people have been living under flimsy shelters in various parts of the country, the prime minister seems focused on prolonging his stay in power by appeasing fringe political parties instead of providing relief to the needy. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has chosen to induct four more cabinet ministers and six ministers-of-state on a day when r...

Cold kills 8 in quake-hit Sindhupalchowk in a month

The winter this year is proving brutal for the earthquake victims in the country, most of whom are still living in temporary shelters and awaiting rehabilitation. Within a single month, biting cold has claimed eight lives in Sindhupalchowk, one of the worst-affected districts by the earthquake of April 25. All the eight deceased were elderly people from Thokarpa VDC in the district. Half of...

Cold-related illnesses rise in capital

Severe drop in temperature has led to a surge in the number children suffering from cold-related ailments in the capital. Kanti Children Hospital, the only referral center for ailing children in the country, has reported massive rise in the number of children suffering from Cold-related illnesses in last few days. Cases of winter diarrhea, common cold, acute bronchiolitis, cough, pneumonia have...

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